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The Foundation has designed a tailored health care programmes to augment the government health care delivery in the areas of the following:

  • Borehole water
  • Malaria Outreach
  • Nutrition and Breastfeeding
  • Asthma Support Programs etc
  • Medical Equipment Enhancement Program(MEEP)
  • Pregnant Women Support Program

Birthing Kits Project (BKP)

The Objective of the program is to make birthing kits accessible to deprived, vulnerable women who cannot afford birthing kits. The Foundation is committed to working towards sustainable change in birthing practices for the most vulnerable women in Ghana. The Foundation addresses 5 of the UN millennium Development goals (MDG): Improvement of maternal health, Reduction in child mortality Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; and encouraging partnerships for development.

The program exists to provide a clean and safe birthing environment for women to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality.


  • Training for Traditional Birth Attendant / Community health Nurses
    • Birthing Kit training
    • Birthing Kit Awareness Campaign
    • Donation of Birthing Kit tour

Relief Support Programs.
We conduct research and solicit for humanitarian support for the needy and marginalized groups of children and youth in Ghana in the below areas:

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes
  • School tables and Chairs
  • Medical Equipment Enhancement Program